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Enter mcafee product key | Login, Uninstall and Reinstall McAfee

McAfee antivirus software includes a personal firewall and offers WebAdvisor tool. You only need to take one subscription of McAfee antivirus to use its services. This antivirus blocks viruses and malware, which can harm your personal data and device. To get protected from malicious software, download, install, and activate McAfee with product key at

Steps for redeeming and activating the McAfee antivirus Online

• Click on the McAfee setup.
• Otherwise, go to the McAfee site
• Enter the 25-digit alphanumeric McAfee activation key.
• You need to enter the activation key under the Activation section.
• Click on the notification that asks you to activate the McAfee setup.
• Then, press on the Activate Now option.

Steps for redeeming and activating the McAfee antivirus Offline

• If you have got the McAfee product by going to the retail shop, then find the product code in your retail card.
• After entering the McAfee product key, go to the website link provided on your email which is sent by the McAfee team.
• Choose the country by going to the pull-down menu list.
• Type the identification key provided on the retail card.
• Enter the associated email ID with McAfee antivirus.
• Choose the Submit option.
• Verify the McAfee activating process so that it successfully gets finished.

Steps to install and reinstall McAfee on your Windows PC and Mac

• Press on the default browsing application.

• Click in the computer where you wish to use the McAfee antivirus.

• Click on the My Account button.

• Click on the sign-in button.

• Enter the email address and also the password associated with McAfee account.

• Click on the login button.

• In case you do not have an account, click on the Register Now button.

• Read the guidelines to make a McAfee account.

• Then, click on the login button.

• In case you wish to store the username on your default browser, click on the Remember Me button.

• Press on the My Account button.

• Choose the right LiveSafe McAfee subscription.

• Check the terms and conditions of downloading the McAfee antivirus.

• Click I Agree button.

• This will begin the McAfee downloading and installing procedure.

• Read the on-screen prompts provided on the installation window.

• Begin the installation procedure.

Steps for installing McAfee on your iPhone and Android

• Click on the internet browser.

• Click on the McAfee online site.

• Enter the details related to the McAfee account.

• Click on the sign-in button.

• Already a McAfee user? Simply log in to the McAfee account.

• Don’t have an account? Click on the Register Now option.

• Click on the plus icon.

• Choose either your iPhone or Android which you wish to safeguard.

• Click on the Send Link button.

• Choose the mobile platform.

• After that, select the McAfee LiveSafe mobile security option.

• Press on the Next button.

• Choose the country.

• Enter the mobile number.

• Or, enter the device name.

• Check the download link by going to the linked email account with McAfee.

• Press on the download now button.

• Click on the Download and agree to the agreement button.

• Click on the Open button.

• Sign in to the McAfee account.